Organisations that carry out routine, high volume works which are also low risk and low impact may be eligible for a Global Permit or Generic Traffic Management Plan (also known as Global CAR, Service Agreement or Generic TMP).


A Global Permit / Generic TMP should be discussed with your Road Controlling Authority and TMC before you proceed to make the application within myWorksites, your application is unlikely to be accepted without a prior discussion.


A Global Permit / Generic TMP will contain a set of conditions which, if met, allow an organisation to work in the road or deploy traffic management without any further review or approval from the RCA.


Within myWorksites, you would first apply for a Global Permit, and complete the information requested within the steps.


You will then need to submit an application for a Generic TMP on your Global Permit. Unlike a site-specific TMP application, you will not need to enter all the proposed layouts or road space bookings before submitting your application. However, once your application is approved, depending on the conditions set, you will need to list your planned layout deployments in advance of the work and review other planned work in the area to avoid clashes.


Application Process

The process for applying for a Global Permit worksite is similar to the one for a site-specific worksite. You will need to create and submit a Global Permit with a Generic TMP.  To start the process you can click on the 'Create Worksites' link in the menu bar under the WORKSITES tab, or the 'Create Worksite' tile on the homepage. More details here. 

Global Permit

On the Worksite Creation page, you can select 'Global Permit' under 'Application Type'.  You can then update the form with the Worksite's Name, Road Controlling Authority, and the Principal Client's information and click 'Save and Return' to go to the next page.


The next page confirms the jurisdiction of the RCA you've selected. Once you've added the Worksite Reference and Work Window fields, you can move on to the next page.

In the next steps, you'll add your Work items, Documentation and contacts relevant to the application. For more information regarding these steps, you can visit the detailed Worksite Application guide here.

Generic TMP

You can now create a Generic TMP for this Global Permit by clicking on the 'Create TMP' link on the Global Permit.


A Generic TMP draft will be created. On this draft, you can attach a file of the methodology and supporting documents that will be used for the proposed work, and the TMP can be now be submitted for review. Unlike a Site Specific TMP, Generic TMPs can be submitted without a Layout.


Please note that the application will only be processed after both the Global Permit Worksite and Generic TMP have been submitted, so please ensure you have submitted both

Adding Methodology files to GTMP
(Effective 30/11/2023) 

You can attach methodology files to the GTMP before submitting it. Once a GTMP has been approved, you can download the attached Methodology and it will have the RCA approval stamp at the bottom of each page (a red line note).
To update a methodology file attachment, you will need to revise the GTMP, remove the old file and attach the new one before re-submitting it. Once the revision has been approved, you can download the attached Methodology and it will have the RCA approval stamp at the bottom of each page. 

Adding Layouts to an approved Generic TMP

Once the application has been approved by the RCA, you can start adding layouts to the Generic TMP without having to create a revision and/or resubmitting the TMP for approval. Please make sure that Layouts under Global Permits comply with all conditions of the Global Permit Worksite and GTMP permits. If any conditions cannot be met, you will need to create and submit a Site Specific Worksite and/or Site Specific TMP .

A new field ‘Universal Traffic Management Diagram’ has been added to the layout section of a Generic TMP to allow you to identify which of these you'll be using in your layout/deployments. 


If you need to complete work that is outside of your approved conditions

If you meet the Global Permit conditions, but cannot meet the Generic TMP Conditions
If your planned work is outside the the conditions set for your GTMP, you will need to apply for a site specific TMP. To create a site specific TMP for a Global Permit, you view the Approved Global Permit Worksite, click on the '+ Create TMP' in the TMP section and create and submit a Site Specific TMP. For more information about the site specific TMP application process, click here.


If your planned work is outside of the Global Permit conditions
If the work that is required does not fall within the conditions set on your Global Permit, you will need to create and submit a Site Specific Worksite application. You can create a SSW once the Global Permit and associated GTMP which has at least 1 layout in it, have both been Accepted. To create a site specific Worksite you need to click into the approved GTMP and click the "+ Create site specific worksite", and you'll be redirect to create a Site specific Worksite. For more information about creating a Site Specific Worksite, click here.

To view any site specific Worksites applied for on a Global Permit
On the Global Permit worksite you can view a list of site specific worksites and TMPs that were required due to works outside of approved conditions.

The Site Specific Worksite also references the Global Permit and Generic TMP it was created from.