Release Updates

July 06, 2023                                                                                                                                     v7.1

New fields available in the Create Layout form

‘Description’ and ‘Job reference/internal notes’ fields 

Contractors can now add a job reference or any internal notes in a new field available under the Layout Description section of the Create Layout form. This means that the description field can now be used for the purpose of providing a concise summary to the public about the layout, while still providing the ability to record job references or other important internal information against the layout.

‘24 hour site contact’ field available

Contractors can also add 24-hour contact information in the new field that is available under the Layout Description section of the Create Layout form.

Updates to Work types and Categories

New work types 

New options in Work Type:

Added to excavation:

  • Vehicle crossing only

  • Vehicle crossing + other

  • Kerb Discharge

  • Drainage

  • Pavement Maintenance

Added to NECAR:

  • Chipsealing

  • Line marking

New Work Categories in Alphabetical Order

New work categories have been added and are now arranged alphabetically as per below



Footpath affected

Lane closure

Lane shift

Link closure

Long term worksite

Mobile /semi static operation

One way road closure

Parking restrictions

Ramp closure

Shoulder closure


Temporary road alignment

Temporary speed restriction

Temporary traffic lights

Total road closure

Unattended worksite

Warning signs only

Works pre warning signage

Help text available
A help text :question_mark: is available near the Category field under Impacts with the message “Highest impact to list for individual layouts”.

New checkbox available

A new checkbox called ‘Temporary Speed Limit’ is now available under the Traffic Impact row in the Impacts section.


Updates to Generic TMP Layouts  

For Global Permits with Generic TMPs that have multiple (100s) layouts, we are introducing a new checkbox called ‘Show active only’ which will default to loading only active layouts on access, reducing load times and speeding up the search process. Older TMPs will still be accessible by deselecting the active flag.