We're pleased to have (Christchurch City Council - CCC & Christchurch Transport Operations Centre - CTOC) onboard MyWorksites from 12 November onwards. As we anticipate an increased amount of support requests during this transition period, we've prepared the following FAQ so your wait time can possibly be minimised.

If your query isn't addressed in the following section, please get in touch via the orange button with the speech bubble on the right on MyWorksites, or email us at [email protected] Thank you for your patience and we'll get to your request as soon as we can!

What is MyWorksites

MyWorksites is an online portal through which certain Road Controlling Authorities (RCAs) receive, review, and process applications for:

  • Corridor Access Requests (CARs); and/or
  • Work Access Permits (WAPs); and/or
  • Traffic Management Plans (TMPs).

In accordance with their legal obligations.

MyWorksites uses and makes available certain data submitted to MyWorksites publicly available to offer broader benefits to:

  • Road users,
  • Temporary Traffic Management Industry,
  • Corridor Access Industry,
  • Utilities,
  • Road controlling authorities
  • Public.

I can't find my CAR from the system we were using?

Only submitted and approved CARs were transferred to MyWorksites. If your CAR was declined or cancelled previously, please follow the instructions here https://help.myworksites.co.nz/solution/articles/6000181246-worksite-application to create and submit a new application. 

Previously submitted CARs have been imported as draft Worksites on MyWorksites, as more information is required before they can be processed. You will be able to view these worksites if you navigate to Worksites -> My Draft & Published Worksites from the menu bar. Once you've entered the necessary information (there will be a link in the bottom left corner to advice you of this), you will be able to submit the Worksite for processing.

If you have searched for the CAR number of your application on the Worksite Search page and still am unable to locate it, but believe your CAR should've been transferred, please provide the CAR number and we will liaise with the Road Controlling Authority to investigate.

I found my imported CAR application from the previous system, but can't download any documents/attachments from it?

We're still in the progress of transferring the attachments and files from CAR Manager, and they will be ready in a few days. If you require urgent access to any attachments, please contact your Corridor Manager at CCC with the CAR number and they will provide the attachment/files to you. Thank you for your patience.

Why did I receive your emails, can you remove me from MyWorksites?

Apologies if you have received this email in error. You, or the organisation you are/were assigned to, was listed as an affected party on an existing Corridor Access Request submitted to Christchurch City Council, or on a TMP to Christchurch Transport Operations Centre. 

Please get in touch with us through our support channels with your registered email address and we'll help you with that.

I can't log in or activate my account

Please try resetting your password (https://manage.myworksites.co.nz/password/request-reset) and log in again. Do let us through our support channels if that still doesn't work and we'll help you with that.

How do I add a new organisation?

If you're unable to find a client or bill payer organisation in the company lists, please get in touch with the required information from this link https://help.myworksites.co.nz/solution/articles/6000178226-how-can-i-get-a-client-added- and we'll help you with you. 

I can't find a STMS in the dropdown?

Please provide us with the STMS's full name, STMS number, mobile number and email address (if applicable) and we can add that into the system.

Can we add this new feature?

Thank you for your interest in helping us improve MyWorksites. We have more information how to let us know here - https://help.myworksites.co.nz/solution/articles/6000178273-i-have-some-feedback-that-i-think-can-help-improve-myworksites

There's an error message telling me to contact my company admin

Newly registered users will generally need to be approved by the organisation's MyWorksites administrator before they are able to create Worksite/TMP applications. However, not every imported company has an administrator assigned at the moment. If you see that error message, or wish to nominate a company admin for your organisation, please follow the following instructions here and we can help with that.


How do I use this features?

We've prepared some detailed guides on our support portal https://help.myworksites.co.nz and the links are as followed

How do I update my profile?

You can update your details on your profile page. More information here https://help.myworksites.co.nz/solution/articles/6000178271-how-can-i-update-my-profile-details-

How do I update my password?

You can update your password by following the instructions here https://help.myworksites.co.nz/solution/articles/6000178270-how-can-i-change-my-password- 

Can I get a copy of information you have on me?

Yes, of course! Please get in touch with us through our support channels with your registered email address and we'll help you with that.