Previously, all files that were uploaded to a TMP Layout or Generic TMP were accessible to all registered users to review.  Some of the newer industry users had expressed concerns that they believe intellectual property contained in the designs and documents should be protectable.  To remedy this discrepancy we have added functionality to allow certain file uploads to be marked as “commercially sensitive”.  

The files that can be marked commercially sensitive are located in the Methodology section of Generic TMPs and the TMP layout Supporting Files section.

Please note that the “Document(s) contain sensitive information” checkbox is disabled until files have been chosen or uploaded.

Once files have been chosen or uploaded, the checkbox may be checked which expands a new section.

To mark a file as commercially sensitive check the box next to the filename under the “Commercially Sensitive” column.  This will display a textarea called Reason next to the checkbox for providing supporting information to detail why this file is commercially sensitive.  The reason is required only if the file is marked as commercially sensitive to allow the reviewing RCA to make their own determination.

If a file is marked as commercially sensitive and not given a reason with it, the user will receive an error.

Once a reason is given, the layout or Generic TMP may be saved or submitted assuming all other required information has been filled in.

The files and supporting reason (if marked commercially sensitive) can then be viewed on the corresponding Layouts listing in the parent TMP:

Or the Methodology section of a Generic TMP:

Clicking on the View reason link for a commercially sensitive file will display the user provided details in a pop up modal.

Commercially sensitive documents will only be available to users within the applicant organisation, the RCA and those granted permissions on the TMP.  The applicant is responsible for ensuring that anyone else who requires them receive a copy (e.g. designs given to on-site STMS).

Other than the locations already mentioned, the only other place these commercially sensitive files will show up is as attachments to a TMP PDF certificate for files uploaded to a TMP layout.  Users that do not have access to view the commercially sensitive files can still download the TMP PDF certificate, but will not have the commercially sensitive files attached.  Only the non-commercially sensitive files will be attached in that case.