When submitting an application, you may be required to submit your Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) to more than one RCA. This can happen if your application spans multiple authorities e.g. you are completing work on the highway but have signage on an on-ramp or approach to the highway.

Selecting multiple RCAs

As you create your TMP you are now able to select a Primary RCA to apply to, as well as one or more Secondary RCAs, within the TMP details section.

The Primary RCA is where the majority of the physical worksite is. The Secondary RCAs are either where a minority of the physical worksite is, or where detour signs, or other signs, are placed.

If you are unsure of whether your application requires multiple RCA approval, the RCA you have submitted your application to will let you know.

What happens on submission

Once you’ve completed your TMP and layouts, and submitted your TMP, processing continues as normal and you will be notified when your application is accepted or declined. Each RCA will individually process your application and can add their conditions.

Once all RCAs have processed and accepted your application, you will receive a final notification of cross-RCA approval of your application.

You are able to see the RCA assignees and each step of the process will be visible in the history section on your TMP application.

Acceptance documentation

After final approval, you will be able to download a TMP PDF document that contains the names, stamps, and any conditions added by the RCAs involved in approval of your application.

Searching for a TMP

We’ve added the ability to search for cross-RCA applications. Within TMP Search you are able to see the Primary RCA assignee as a column option on the results. You can filter searches to find all applications:

  • for a specific Primary RCA
  • a Primary RCA Assignee
  • currently with a specific Secondary RCA
  • that have a Secondary RCA
  • for a Secondary RCA Assignee

Items to note

All RCAs added to a TMP application will need to approve it for it to be accepted.

You may have added more RCAs on your application than necessary, or missed some out. Your RCA may decline the application and advise you on changes to make.