This introduces the ability to work on a draft Worksite within your organisation and only publish it when you are ready for others to view it

You will now be given the option to "Publish" when you work on a draft Worksite. Only you and people within your organisation will be able to view the Worksite until it's published. You will also be able to unpublish Worksites.

The primary reason for introducing this new feature is to remove draft Worksites from search results – particularly when they are in the initial stage of preparation and aren't helpful to those outside your organisation.

Here's a bit more information on how it works:

Draft Worksite

  • Anyone within your organisation (who has edit rights) can publish and unpublish a worksite.
  • The Worksite process now has a "publish" button to the left of the "submit" button.
  • Selecting "publish" displays a confirmation message and allows anyone to see your draft Worksite.
  • Note: neither the RCA or other organisations can see an organisation's unpublished drafts.
  • Submitting a draft Worksite automatically publishes and submits the Worksite in one step.

For Published Draft Worksites

  • There is an additional button titled "unpublish" to the left of the submit button.
  • Selecting unpublish displays a confirmation message and the draft Worksite is no longer visible to those outside your organisation.

The Worksites menu dropdown will be changed to filter by:

  • "My Draft & Published Draft Worksites" and;
  • "My Submitted & Declined Worksites"

Worksite search has also been updated to account for published and unpublished drafts. Your unpublished drafts will only show in searches from people within your organisation.