You can now delete a draft Worksite or TMP form. There are multiple places within MyWorksites where you can do this.

A draft Worksite can now be deleted from the action bar of the Worksite detail page and the Project details page.

A draft TMP can be deleted in the action bar of the TMP detail page and from the Worksite view page within the TMP panel.

There are some things to note when deleting draft Worksites or TMPs. For example, delete is only available on a draft or draft revision.

States/status where delete is permitted:

  1. Draft worksites with no TMPs
  2. Draft worksite with draft TMPs
  3. Draft TMP

The delete function is only available to the applicant, or those in the applicant's organisation and only for a worksite or TMP within his/her organisation.

Please note that deleting a draft Worksite also deletes any draft TMPs which are part of that Worksite.